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Sally T. Ryan

Eastern Echo, Ypsilanti, MI. 4.15.1996

"Saint Ryan, otherwise known as Sally Ryan is an EMU student working to complete a Master's of Fine Arts Degree.

Ryan's work is colorful and surreal. She uses a lot of subdued colors combined with sharp, geometric shapes to create powerful, dreamlike images.

In her work "Horse with Nun-Warts," Ryan depicts a horse that wears black high heels and has full red lips like a woman. Several nun's heads with blank expressions on their faces poke out of the horse's skin like warts.

In another work, Ryan depicts two figures. The first has a detailed feminine blue face and curly green hair.

The creature's coral headdress fans out like peacock feathers with eyeballs at the tips. Three such eyes hand in the air as if they'd been shot out from one of the plumes.

It's colorful body is comprised of many angular shapes.

One of the arms, which looks like a purple anteater snout, appears to be sucking up a spider. The other arm is reaching out to the second figure, a thin, green animal with hairy, orange spots on its back and small sharp teeth in it's mouth.

As Ryan enters the gallery at 8:00 P.M., she is immediately surrounded by a small group of friends and family members, including Yribar who said she has been a fan of ryan's for seven years. A flurry of hugs and smiles ensues.

Ryan's 7-year-old granddaughter, Jennifer, clings to her leg for a bit and then ventures out on her own. "This is all Grandma's work," she boats as she guides a young boy named Justin along the wall on which Ryan's paintings are featured.

Ryan said she's always been interested in Surrealism and foun that she has an affinity for doing such works.

Ryan created her pseudonym after people started getting her mixed up with another local artist named Sally Ryan. She said her initials S. T. Ryan gave her the idea for Saint Ryan.

"Horse with Nun-Warts"
"Hand of God"
"Church Fairy viewing Heathern Nucleus"
Curriculum Vitae