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Sally T. Ryan

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Exciting Exhibition

My friend - the great friend of st. patrick's hospital, Mrs. Rita Hughes, has been on again. this time about an unusual exhibition of paintings to take place int the Bective Gallery in Dublin from March 9-14. The proceeds go to St. Pats - natch. RTE's Brendan O'Reilly is official "opener." Anyway, the entire exhibition is the work of one woman - Sally Ryan, an American now living and working in Inishbofin.

Although I've not seen her stuff Mrs. Ryan is, I believe, a surrealist painter able to express her convictions on social problems and contemporary issues in highly unusual and fantasized pictures rather like Dali's work. "She dreams her ideas into reality," they say. She has the look of a heroine straight from a romantic novel and her work has the dreamy romanticism that goes with it. I must say I am looking forward to the show. (Rita says that catalogues are IR£ 2 and those who buy are supporting St. Pat's and taking part in a draw for one of Mrs. Ryan's pictures.